Fun Squad

Welcome to Team Be Adventurous. My names Captain Cameron Orr. I am the Chief Fun officer here. I am a long time die hard Cleveland fan. If you ever see me out I'm usually dressed in something bright and festive. Its not unusual to see me dressed in a sombrero or a nice Hawaiian shirt most days. I have a passion for everything Cleveland and my goal is to educate and teach as many residents, tourists, and visitors about all of the incredible things Cleveland has to offer. I promise to make your tour experience unlike anything you've experienced before! If you have any specific questions feel free to email me at 
Below is our Cleveland Entertainment officer. As you can tell by his picture he also loves sombreros as much as myself! His name is Dan McCarthy but he goes by Danimal because he's part human and part wild animal. You can find him on a Friday night either at Tina's Nite club or Dickey's Lanes (both Cleveland gems if you ask us). He was born and raised here in Cleveland Ohio and is a Cleveland expert. Together we share the same dream and passion for changing the perception of Cleveland one tour at a time. To reach Danimal directly feel free to email him at